10 Ways to Display your Dog's Portraits

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"my dog is very old and nervous, and audrey always manages to get such beautiful pictures. She is so loving towards her and treats her like her own. I'd recommend her to any dog owner!" - Taylor a.

My love of dogs stretches back to my earliest memories. "I love you" was always "I woof you", and every nightly prayer ended with "...and please can we get a dog?" while flashing my best puppy eyes at my mom. We eventually welcomed two German Shepherds into our family, and homes have never felt complete without a dog since.

Fast forward to year 28, I'm a mama to fur children Zora & Hobbs, serve on the Board of Directors for Lucky 7 Dog Rescue and have found my passion combining my love of photography with my love of pups!

aka, crazy dog lady

Rescuer, Mama,

about two weeks later, you'll join your zoom reveal session to see your images and purchase your collection!

The Big Reveal

step 3

it's your pup's time to shine! we'll spend up
to an hour photographing them in the studio 

Portrait Session

Step 2

upon booking, you will receive a doggy portrait session prep guide to help you get ready for your session! 

Prep your Pup

step 1

your dog called, he's wondering where his portrait on the mantle is

Doggy Portrait Sessions

Lifestyle sessions include families, couples, business branding/headshots, seniors, maternity, announcements, celebration of life sessions and more. ATP does not photograph weddings or events at this time. 

Dogs are always welcome but not required in lifestyle sessions! I love photographing my people just as much as my pups. Let's celebrate the season of life you're in with some updated photos. I'm a firm believer that you never need a reason to make lasting memories. 

If you have seen me on a yearly basis, inquire for ATP Client Loyalty perks! You get exclusive access to weekend availability, gallery print store discounts and mini session availability before it hits the general public. Thanks so much for supporting my small biz!

2-3 week turnaround

Lifestyle Sessions

w.r. purche


"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong"

your once little baby has officially grown into themselves and their beautiful, unique features!

Adult, 12 months

session 3

the sweet in-between. the "i know manners, but i'm still a baby so you can't be too hard on me" teenage stage.

Teenager, 6 months

session 2

floppy ears. big eyes. clumsy paws. in time you'll forget what potty training was like, but you won't want to forget this face!

Puppy, 2-3 months

session 1

capture your pup throughout the year that they grow the most!

NEW! The Puppy Portrait Package

The Puppy Portrait Package captures your dog in three separate sessions at ages 2-3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Each session includes 5 digital images with the option to purchase more. Get your dog comfortable in front of the camera from a young age and celebrate them throughout their biggest year of growth! The three sessions with the five image packages are valued at $825 all together, but purchase the complete Puppy Portrait Package for just $700 (+ tax). After booking we will work together to get each session scheduled. 

Email with "Puppy Portrait Package" in the subject line to book!

NEW! Celebration of Life sessions

Every dog deserves to be photographed in a way that is comfortable for them. Sometimes the travel, prep, and unfamiliar photo set-up of our typical Doggy Portrait Sessions is more than we want to ask of our senior dogs. For these sweet souls, ATP offers in-home Celebration of Life sessions. Your dog can snuggle on their favorite couch, chew their best bone and observe the world out of their usual window. Families can choose to be in the photos or not. The only thing changing about your dog's environment will be a friendly house guest with a camera and some extra treats for the day. I would love to help you celebrate your fur baby in their twilight years in the most patient and gentle way. To inquire, send us an email with "Celebration of Life Session" in the subject line.