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- juliette

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hello + welcome!

Let me start by saying that if you get to the end of these photos without smiling and laughing, I owe you a dollar! I can’t put into words how much I love being around Kelsey and her adorable little family. The last time we got together for photos, Luna was six months old- and now she is a BIG SISTER to little Greyson!! When I say I want to photograph people throughout the seasons of their lives, this is exactly what I mean. It fills my heart to the brim when past clients (I hate that word, because so many become friends) come back to me with sweet additions to their families. I know that when kids are small, life is crazy and it can be hard to make time for photos. But it is SO, so worth it! Those fingers and toes are only little for so long, so soak it up, and get the love between you and your littles documented so that you can always cherish and remember these moments. Without further adieu, enjoy my favorites from our session. 🙂

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