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- juliette

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hello + welcome!

If you love dogs, you are in the right place!! This June, my family and I hosted a Pics With Your Pup Mini Sessions fundraiser at Green Isle Park in efforts to make a dent in the vet costs of my dog Reeses’ ACL surgery. Back in April, my mom and I took Reeses to our local dog park and within five minutes of ripping around, she tore both her ACL and meniscus in her back right leg. Fast forward to now, she’s doing really well with recovery, but it was really sad to see her limping around and hating the #conelife post-surgery, and we still can’t let her run, jump, zoom, or chase the cats that wander into our backyard (her favorite activity) until at least August.

We had such a blast hanging out with everyone who came out to Green Isle with their adorable pups! The weekend was full of laughter and puppy kisses. A big thank you goes out to Alex Kropp from Just Shoot It Productions, who documented day 2 of our fundraiser on video- which you can find HERE! Thank you to Zesty’s Frozen Custard for donating Free Pup Cup coupons to all of our attendees! And lastly, a big thank you to my family- especially my mom and stepdad who helped with set up and take down of our tent area and doggy water station, and had squeaky toys, treats and peanut butter on hand to keep all the pups looking at the camera!

Can’t wait to do this again someday! For now, enjoy Pics With Your Pup 2018!

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