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- juliette

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hello + welcome!

Lorissa & Tyler are engaged! Earlier this month, we went to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens on a warm, sunny evening to celebrate with an engagement session!

I met Lorissa the summer before 9th grade at track & field workouts, and she must have been able to tell I was a nervous freshman on the first day because she immediately offered to pair up with me for partner exercises. Shy little Audrey was SO grateful for that!! After that, I knew her throughout high school as a super nice girl who was always smiling and loved sports – she even won a school sponsored contest to spend a day with Josh Sitton, former Green Bay Packers player! Yep, we were alllllllll jealous when that limo pulled up to school!

When Lorissa reached out to me about photographing her and Tyler’s engagement & wedding, I was so excited! I had always admired the two from afar (or, from Facebook) because 1) they met in a CASTLE while studying abroad in England, and 2) because they were the only other couple I knew in a long-distance relationship like myself. I just loved cheering them on and am so happy they are finally together for good! I’m wishing them all of the happiness for their future, as well as good luck during all of the coming football seasons. Just keep scrolling to see why 😉

I can’t wait for your big day, Lorissa & Tyler!!!

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