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Welcome to the blog! I'm Audrey, and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Green Bay, WI. This is where you can view my latest work, browse tips and inspiration for turning your digital images into physical form, and follow along with the behind the scenes of my life! Feel free to snuggle up with a fur child and stay a while! Thanks for stopping by!

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Friends, the day is finally here! I’m so excited to introduce the ATP Print Challenge to you! If you’ve been keeping up with the past three blogs in this series, you’ve heard a LOT about why I think printing photos is so important, as well as some tips and resources to help you get the job done! Now, it’s time to put all of this into action and start PRINTING! The ATP Print Challenge is dedicated to making it happen, and one lucky person will walk away with a HUGE prize!


Here is how it works!

First things first – all who wish to participate in the challenge must join the private Facebook group. Simply search “The ATP Print Challenge” and click join! This group serves as a place for us to hold each other accountable monthly throughout the 2019 calendar year, and to track our progress!

Each month starting in January 2019, you must make a monthly print order of at least 20 photos and post a picture of your order in the group. This can be your stack of photos in your envelope, a screenshot of your online order info, or a photo of your receipt (with any personal payment method information scribbled out of course.)

12 CONSECUTIVE MONTHLY PRINT ORDERS OF 20 or more photos results in an entry to win $300 towards a photo display in your home!

Yep- that’s right! I will personally come to your home (or we can link up over Facetime if you’re not local to Green Bay), and we will choose a wall or an area of your home that could use some photo love!!! We’ll choose from options including framed & matted prints and gallery wraps and create a design that will look awesome in your space!

What happens if you MISS a month???

Each person is given TWO grace months – if you miss submitting your photo order by the end of the month, simply do it the very next month and make a note on the post that mentions you are using your grace month 1 or 2.


  1. For every photo order purchased from CAMERA CORNER of Green Bay, you will receive 2 EXTRA ENTRIES per month!!! That is huge in heightening your chances to WIN! Let’s support an awesome local business! You must show proof that you ordered from Camera Corner (post a photo of the envelope, receipt with blacked out personal info, or even a photo at the store!). Be sure to download their free, user friendly photo ordering app from the App Store by simply searching “CCCP Photo”, or you can place your order through their¬†website!
  2. Share with your friends through Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and/or Instagram Stories that you’re participating in the challenge! You can start doing this as soon as TODAY and you can share something as simple as a screenshot of the Facebook group’s page! Along with the post, you must include the hashtag #ATPprintchallenge and direct your friends to search “The ATP Print Challenge” on Facebook to join us. My page must be tagged in all posts so I can be notified, and each notification I get gives you 1 additional entry towards the big prize!Facebook: Audrey Thomas Photography
    Instagram: @audreythomas_photography


Those who join late in 2019 will still receive 1 entry per month that they participate in the challenge, however the ultimate prize will decrease by $100 if a late joiner wins.¬†Additionally, if you are here from the beginning and don’t get all 12 orders in, the prize will be decreased by $100 if you win – still an awesome prize, but let’s get those orders in! It’s easy peasy!

So, what are you waiting for?! Head over to the Facebook group and join us!

Feel free to refer back to any of the previous blogs in this Print Your Photos series to refresh yourself on inspiration and tips over the course of the year!

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Happy Printing!!!


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