My name is Audrey, and I'm a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I truly love my state and all it has to offer- even beyond the beer and cheese curds!

I embrace the four seasons, and while fall is my favorite, there is something so special about the transitions between them. There is nothing like feeling the sun on your skin after a long winter, or the first night you get to sleep with your windows open come fall. I live for those moments.

Speaking of seasons, that word is really the metaphor for why I'm here. Photos have always been a huge part of my life. My family has more boxes stuffed with 4x6's than anyone I know, and I can think of any old memory and know there's a good chance we have a photo somewhere that can bring that memory back to life.

If I could only thank my parents for two things, the first would simply be for my amazing childhood, and the second would be for documenting it so well. Thanks to them, all of the seasons of my life have been preserved in photos... and I've found that you never know how important those photos will be until you find yourself in a new season of life, planned or unexpectedly.

I never imagined moving out of my childhood home. I never imagined my dad would pass away before I reached age 20. I also never imagined I would get to travel so much in my college years, or that my family would adopt *the* sweetest dog in the world (but we'll talk more about her later). When the unexpected happens, photos mean that much more.

Unlike spring, summer, fall and winter, we don't always know when our lives will change.
The beauty of photos is that they let you hold on to the things you can't bear to part with. 
A documented life means we can celebrate, reminisce and story tell for years and generations to come.

Life moves on, but having photos means we don't have to forget.

I'm a photographer because I'm fascinated by the way seemingly ordinary moments come together to tell the story of an incredible life when we look back.

As simply as I can put it: I want to help you tell your story. For you. For your family. For your kids. For the ones who will come after you-who you will never meet on this Earth-who will long to know about your life. For the good times, for the hard times, for any time you reach for a memory, I want a photo to be there.

If you're wondering when the "right time" for getting your photos taken is, it's now! The "good old days" are happening this very moment, and the next season of your life could be just around the corner...

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Let me start by saying welcome. I'm so glad you're here!

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I love the simple things in life, and am happiest just hanging with friends & family around a bonfire, movie, or an N64.  I'm a homebody at heart! When I do venture out into the world, I'm either taking a day trip to Door County with my mom, playing at the dog park with Reeses, rooting for the Pack, or hiking around Nashville with my boyfriend- if I'm not already photographing my awesome clients, of course!

Funny memes are my love language- if you send one my way I consider us instant friends. Somehow, I've made it through 23 years of life without a cup of coffee, and I'm a night owl, so I'm not really sure how I'm still alive to tell that tale! I have no self control when it comes to chocolatey, peanut buttery snacks, and don't even get me started on Mexican food. Let's just say there was a time when strawberry margaritas replaced most of the blood in my veins. Dogs make my world go 'round, in fact, when I was little I thought I was one. "I love you" was replaced with "I woof you" and cheek kisses were actual licks on the cheek. Don't worry, I'm more of a simple hugger now.

Anything else you wanna know? Just ask! I can't wait to get to know you, too!

I love to sing, too, and it has taken me a LONG time to come out of my shell! I'm super lucky to have a bunch of musically inclined people in my life to make songs with, and I hope you enjoy some of the covers we've done!